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Alexander-kins History - Timelines

International Doll made by Madame Alexander

The Alexanderkins were introduced in 1953 by Madame Alexander and are still being produced today.  Over the years, they have been a favorite of doll collectors everywhere.  They are 7 1/2" to 8" in size and are referred to as Alexanderkin, Alexander-kin, Alexkin, Alex-kin, Wendykin, Wendy, Wendy Ann.


Left is a BK International Doll from the 1960's

Years of the Little Dolls


SL, Height: 7 1/2", Tan flesh tones, heavy in weight, Marks: "Alex" on back


SL and SLW, Height: 7 1/2" and 8", Lighter in weight, Marks: "Alex" on back


SLW, Height: 8", Lighter flesh tones, Marks: "Alex" on back


some SLW, Most are BKW, 8", Marks: "Alex" on back

1957 - 1964

BKW, 8", Marks: "Alex" on back


Mostly BKW, Some BK, 8", Marks: "Alex" on back, Last year of Wendy-kin clothes tags


BK, 8", Marks: "Alex" on back

1967 - 1972

Mostly BK, 8", Marks: "Alex" on back


Mostly SLNW, Some BK, 8", Cheeks are rosy, Flesh Skin Tones, Marks: "Alex" on back


SLNW, 8", Marks: "Alex" on back


SLNW, 8", Some marked "Alex" on back, Some changed to "Alexander" on backs with chalky skin tones and high cheek color


SLNW, Mouth has deep indentations over the upper lip, Doll has almost white skin tones, Marks: "Alexander" on back

1988 - 1998

SLNW, 8", Reintroduction of the Wendy-Ann face, old/new face dolls-very much like the early dolls. Marks: "Alexander" on back

1999 - present

SLNW, 8" new face mold used for the Wendy face, just slightly different than previous years - some people don't notice a difference
still marked "Alexander" on back



SL: Straight leg (1950's) Non Walkers


BKW: Bent Knee Walker


BK: Bent Knee Non Walker


SLW: Straight Leg Walker


SLNW: Straight Leg Non Walker made after 1972


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